Cooking in Tokyo with Mari

Thank you so much for joining to our class and posting warm article. I enjoyed talking with you about our culture and your experience very much. I am happy to see such a nice friend! Thank you again!

Nail Matsuri!

Cooking class with MariCooking class with Mari, group photo



This Wednesday ( 17th July) me and my friends had a japanese cooking class! Mari, who were our cooking teacher was so nice! Together we made Okonomiyaki, also known as japanese pancakes, Onigiri, Sunomono ( japanese pickled salad), Dashi soup and Miso soup.  We all got to take the recipe back with us, wich is really nice so we can try them at home!

The course was held in Mari’s own home, and we also had a man from Sweden taken the course with us! It was really fun to have someone who we could talk norwegian with( norwegian and swedish people can speak our own language to each other and we understand what the other part are saying! ).

One of the reasons we wanted to take this cooking course was so we could learn more about traditional japanese home-made dishes and how to use the weird ingredients…

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