Suzuki- Highly recommended Japanese traditional restaurant

There’s one Kaiseki restaurant I fell in love in Tokyo.
About Kaiseki ryori, please check it 🙂

I go to this restaurant every month for our treat, Here I can find best traditional dishes I ever had.
The restaurant is called “Suzuki” and it’s very tiny cozy restaurant near Shintomicho station, very close to Tsukiji or Ginza area.
There’s only one chef and he creates really beautiful and creative dishes based on Japanese tradition.
You will be amazed with the taste and can feel the season from the natural ingredients.
I was wondering if I write about this restaurant on my blog because there is a kind of hidden gem (too good!) but today I decided to share with you since I want you to try his dishes if you have chance to come to Japan.
The course is only one (Omakase) and everyday he serves different dishes based on the season.


Address: 1-3-2, Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo

This is the web site, it is not official site though. Price is 8,500yen per person.

No Sun


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