IL GHIOTTONE – Great Italian Restaurant in Tokyo

Today I had a great Lunch near Tokyo station.
The restaurant name is IL GHIOTTONE – Their concept is ” If there’re Kyoto province in Italy”, so they use Kyoto region ingredients to make Italian cuisine.
Their main restaurant is at Kyoto prefecture, and they have branch at Tokyo as well.
It locates very close to Tokyo station and takes 1 minute by walk (You can walk from Yurakucho station also).
There’re not so many places which offer Kyoto ingredients (vegetables etc), which is different from this area’s, so if you live in Tokyo, I recommend this restaurant to taste them as Italian cuisine!

Stuzzichino – Grissini, focaccia with two kinds of olive oil
Antipasto – Japanese sweet potato soup with scallop,

Japanese amberjack with apple sauce with dried mullet roe
(The form on the salad is also made of apple juice!)


Pasta with Hokkaido salmon, chinese cabbage, and salmon roe with Yuzu


Risotto with chestnuts and prosciutto


Pork with two kinds of sauce- black olive and white asparagus


Japanese chestnuts Tiramisu with  sangria sorbet


Lunch course: about 4000JPY per person



東京都千代田区丸の内2-7-3 東京ビルTOKIA 1F

2-7-3, Marunouchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo
TOKIA building 1F



11 thoughts on “IL GHIOTTONE – Great Italian Restaurant in Tokyo

  1. Wow, everything seems good. I am Italian and usually don’t go to italian restaurants when I am abroad, but maybe I should go to this one next time I’m in Tokyo. I’ll take a note 🙂

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