Hiramatsu – Amazing French Restaurant in Tokyo

I want to introduce one of the best French restaurants in Tokyo today, the name is Hiramatsu, which has branch in Paris also.


It is one of my favorite restaurant in Tokyo, but it is a little on the pricy, so we go there only for our special occasions. It’s really nice place for you if you want to have something special Dinner or Lunch.
This time, I and my husband went there with our good friend and his wife and we had really nice time 🙂
The food is so amazing, sensitive taste and beautiful decoration. 
For me, I’m kind of get used to have asian dishes (mostly Japanese food), so sometimes I feel heavy after having French cuisine, but somehow here dishes are not heavy at all even though they serve you very classic French dishes.
Many European people told me that they feel Japanese food are exotic, but I feel French dishes are so much different from Japanese and and I feel the opposite. Now I want to learn French cuisine more.

I’m sorry that I have menu only in French or Japanese, so I write in French this time for the dish name..


Amuse – bouche
Pumpkin soup with home made White Truffe ice cream




Feuillete de langoustines, compote de petis oignons,
legumes aromatiques, bouillon “bouillabaisse”




Foie gras semi-fume poele et fondant de foie gras,
emulsion de celeri-rave et de cepes




Ishidai poele, endives a l’orange et au noix, points de truffe




Pigeonneau roti, jus de cuisson aux abats, legumes aux epices




Poire fraiche caramelisse, buiscuit chaud au chocolat, creme glace a la pomme








Lavender te








6 thoughts on “Hiramatsu – Amazing French Restaurant in Tokyo

  1. This looks delicious! I love their modern take on classic cuisine. I’ll have to try it next time I’m in Tokyo.

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