Vegan “gateau au chocolat” Recipe

I show you how to cook super yummy “gateau au chocolat” recipe without any daily products and eggs today 🙂
You don’t need any butter/cream/egg and actually it’s much easier to make.

Ingredients(12cm cake pan):
20g cocoa mass
30cc vegetable oil
50cc soy milk

20g cocoa powder
50g all-purpuse flour
1/2 teaspoon of baking poeder
a pinch of salt

(A) 85cc maple syrup
(A) 30g rice syrup
(A) 25cc soy milk
(A) 50g Tofu (hard) after drained water
(A) 1 teaspoon of Red Miso

1. Shift all the “Dry” ingredients in a bowl.
2. Place all the (A)s in a food processor and mix well.
3. Warm all the “Wet” ingredients by immersion in hot water until all the cacao mass melts. Mix well.
4. Mix (1) and (3) well. Then add the (2), mix well again.
5. Place the mixture in a pan then bake it for 45 minutes with 180 degree C.



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