A Happy New Year 2014!

How was your New years day?
I came back to Kamakura area, which is my hometown, and spent time with my family.
It’s very calm outside (no fireworks!) since everyone just spend time with family.

After I had new year meal with family, we went to temple at Kamakura area to make a wish, then had a coffee at my favorite cafe “Milk Hall”.
This cafe is on a narrow alley and tiny place as they use old Japanse house.
They opened this cafe 35 years ago and nothing changed, I come here every few years, and it brings my memories a lot..


They use antique faniture, we had good coffee and jazz.





Kamakura area is famous for tourist since there’re big buddha statues and it’s old capital in Japan as same as Kyoto.
But I want you to try local places too, not only famous places, if you come here because there’re great old places as it used to be and I think it’s very treasure.
It’s hard to find them since they’re not on your guide book, so please get lost in Japan especially at old places then you come across hidden gems…

Oh I planned to write about New years food, but maybe next time.
Have a happy new year and I wish you have a wonderful day! 🙂

with Love,


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