Houtou Recipe – How to make hoto udon – Yamanashi local speciality noodle houtou udon dish recipe

At the end of year, I stayed Yamanashi prefecture and we cooked some local speciality 🙂
I LOVE to learn local speciality since you can learn not only about their weather/land, but about their culture as well.

Do you know Houtou?
It’s Japanese noodle dish and local speciality of Yamanashi prefecture.
It’s similar to Udon but more flat noodles, and stewed in kind of Miso soup.
Actually noodle ingredients are completely same as Udon. but the way of making/cooking them are very different. Udon texture is very smooth but Houtou noodle and soup are very sticky and thick as like stew.
This dish make you warm, so I recommend you to cook it in cold winter day!

what is Houtou


middle strength flour
warm water

1/4 pumpkin
1/2 sweet potato
1 carrot
300g sliced pork
1-2 spring onion, sliced


1. place flour ( this time we used 500g for 6 servings) in a bowl and add warm water little by little. when you can make one ball, stop adding water ( if you put too much water then please add flour). knead well.



At this point, you should let sit the dough for a while if you make Udon, but you don’t need that for Houtou.

2. Spread the dough into few mm then cut into 5-6mm noodles.



3. Cut all the vegetable into small cubes. Sautee the pork and vegetables with vegevable oil.




4. When they’re almost cooked, pour hot water to cover all the veggies ( the amount is up to your pot size or veggies amount) then simmer until they became soft.


5. When ingredients became soft, melt Miso paste litte by little. (please ajust the miso amount since the saltiness is depends on Miso). Then add the noodles in the soup then cook for about 10minutes.


6. At the last moment, add the sliced spring onion then it’s done!
It’s noodle stew, so it tastes even better next day! 🙂




6 thoughts on “Houtou Recipe – How to make hoto udon – Yamanashi local speciality noodle houtou udon dish recipe

  1. Tasty! Houtou was my favourite meal in Yamanashi! I learnt it at a local middle school and it was the best! Peaking Udon was the harder part and this recipe helped a lot!

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