Nice Ramen restaurant at Tokyo station – 俺式 (Ore shiki)



This is for Ramen lovers – have you ever had a hard time to choose Ramen restaurant in Tokyo since there’re so many here?
There’re thousands of Ramen restaurant and each of them have different “secret” soup recipe..
Sometimes I have tough choises as well, but I always choose Tonkotsu (soup based on pork stock) Ramen restaurant finally.

If you come to Tokyo, there’s Ramen street at the basement of Tokyo station.



There’re 8 Ramen restaurants at the same floor, and each of them have different soup base. (pork stoch restaurant, chicken, seafood etc..)


Today we chose this one, again, Tonkotsu soup one (pork stoch).



They have many kinds of menus, but basically they’re based on pork stock and the souis very thick, whitish color 🙂



Side dishes


You can add the noodle


You can choose the noodle texture from hard, soft, super hard etc.


we ordered Tonkotsu Dx



It was super yum, I like thick soup but not too fat, and it’s perfect!
If you’re garlick or spice lover, you can adjust the taste with them 🙂


The location is very convenient, this’s one of the things during you’re waiting your train at the station!

Gochisou sama! 🙂



7 thoughts on “Nice Ramen restaurant at Tokyo station – 俺式 (Ore shiki)

  1. Yeay..pork ramen, really love pork ramen..noted this place for the next trip to Tokyo Japan. thank you for sharing, by the way, is this the shop with a long queue since the early morning?

  2. Reblogged this on Tasha's and commented:
    I really do just love ramen. Although I don’t believe I’ve ever had truly authentic ramen. This looks so fantastic I want to go here right now. If, you know, it weren’t on the other side of the world. One day though, hopefully.

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