Japanese Curry restaurant at Tsukiji fishmarket – 中英 “Nakaei”

Tsukiji fish market is famous for seafood, there’re many sushi restaurants and most of tourists line up for Sushi.
But do you know there’re many kinds of restaurant in Tsukiji inner market instead of sushi?

If you go there, I suggest you to try something non-sushi restaurant which’re full with locals.
You will see no locals go to sushi restaurant, and you know, the workers of fish market knows what’s good quality ingredients, so the restaurant which uses bad stuffs can’t keep their restaurant there for long time.
So therefore there’re only good ones leave.

On the other day, we try one of them, Japanes curry restaurant.


The restaurant is called as Naka
ei 中英 and located at the inner market.

It’s very old restaurant, their history is already 100years.


small place

Their menu is very simple and good price. “indian curry” “beef curry” “hayashi rice” are 500JPY.
But please don’t expect indian curry, it’s totally Japanese curry but which I love!


I ordered ” ai gake” which means half and half,this time I choose Indian curry and hayashi rice.
It’s very tasty, but the Indian curry is a little spicy for me so I might order only Hayashi next time.



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