Yomogi mochi recipe (Kusa mochi recipe) – How to make Japanese mugwort rice cake

Do you like sweets Mochi?
If you do, this recipe is for you today 🙂
During winter holiday, I made some sweets for my family, it’s alyays nice to share the home made food/sweets with peaple you love.

Kusa mochi is green color mochi, because of Yomogi leaves(mugword) and there’re Anko inside.


When I was kid, I went out with my mom to pick up Yomogi leaves to make this sweets, but I can’t do that now in Tokyo since there’re no Yomogi around you. It’s very sad.
So I bought dried Yomogi at market this time.

Ingredients( 8 servings):
200g Joshin-ko 上新粉 (Japanese top grade rice flour)
20g sugar
about 200cc warm water

2Tbs. of Yomogi powder
2 Tbs. water

about 250g Anko paste

1. Combine Joshin-ko and sugar in a bowl. Add the warm water little by little until the dough became earlobe texture then mix well.
Place Yomogi powder and 2 Tbs. water in the other cup.
Make 8 Anko balls.


2. Make the dough into small pieces then steam them for 30minuves.


3. When it’s done, combine all the dough then mix with Yomogi. Pound it with stick then knead/mix them well by hands when it cools down a little.





4. Wet your hand, place some dough on your hand, spread it circle shape, place Anko ball then wrap it.
If the dough is too much, pinch it to take out the excess dough.






Please keep it in room temparature ( otherwise mochi became so hard!) and finish it in 1-2 days since it made by rice flour.
You can also freeze it as well 🙂


This time my husband joind to make the shape together 🙂
It’s fun to make.




6 thoughts on “Yomogi mochi recipe (Kusa mochi recipe) – How to make Japanese mugwort rice cake

  1. I remember being a little suspicious of kusa mochi when my co-worker in Japan gave it to me, but it was delicious. Now that I’m in the U.S. I do not see it, but maybe I can make some of my own.

  2. My mother used to grow Yomogi plants in our backyard so she would always make this as a snack for me. When it’s fresh, it’s so delicious. Yours looks wonderful!

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