Mochi Anpan recipe-How to make Japanese mochi & bean paste bread – anpan recipe


Hi there!
This recipe is for Anko (Japanese bean paste) and Mochi lovers ❤

Some Japanese bakery offers Mochi An-pan (Mochi and Anko inside of bread), it’s so tasty but you can also make it from scratch, Please try! 🙂

…I love this combination and can’t stop eating even though it’s late night in Japan now 😦


 – The dough
(A) 160g of strong flour
(A) 25g of butter
(A) 1 Tablespoon of beaten egg
(B) 1 teaspoon of dry yeast
(B) 1.5 Tablespoons of sugar
80cc of warm water (or 75cc. It depends on the dough)

250g of Anko
(C) 2 pieces of dried Kiri-mochi (切り餅)
(C) 2 Tablespoons of sugar
(C) 2 Tablespoons of water
potato starch

1 beaten egg

-Prepare the filling

1.    Make 6 Anko balls.
2.    Place all the (C)s in a cup and microwave for 1 minutes. Mix well with spatura then microwave again for 30 seconds. Mix well.
3.    Place potato starch on a bat then pour the Mochi. Toss the potato starch all over the Mochi then cut into 6 pieces.
4.    Combine each Anko ball with 1 piece of Mochi.

-Make Bread
1.    Place (B)s in a cup, mix with the half of warm water and let sit for few minutes.
2.    Place all (A)s in a bawl, (1), and the lest of the warm water. Keep mixing with wooden spatula until you have a ball.
3.    Place the dough on a big plate, knead and stretching until the dough become smooth, coherent and pliable. (The dough is sticky at first but it’s become stiff)
4.    When you have a nice smooth dough ball, put into a ball, cover with plastic film and let rise for about 25-30 minutes. (The best temperature is about 40 degree C)
5.    Take out the dough, pinch down, and divide into 6 pieces with scraper. (about 50g for each) Roll each piece into a ball, let rest for 10 minutes under a damp kitchen towel.
6.    Flatten out each piece into a thin round with a rolling pin. Place the Anko-Mochi filling in the center and gather up the opposing edges of the circle above the filling. Pinch the dough all around to seal well.
7.   Cover with wet cloth and leave them in a warm place for about 20-25 minutes.
8.   Brush the top with whisked egg. Prepare the oven to 190degree C  and bake them for 15-20minutes.



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