My favorite Tempura restaurant – Abe 阿部

Tempura is one of the popular Japanese foods, but actually we have Tempura (or Sushi) only sometimes a year.
I and my husband only go to good Tempura restaurant, not cheap one for Tempura, since it’s so different so this is another reason we don’t go to have Tempura so often.

My favorite one is Abe, which is located at Ginza area, offers very good quality food with good price.


Do you know that good Tempura restaurant uses very fresh ingredients/sashimi quality seafood then they don’t need to cook for long time?
and they serve the piece one by one at the counter seats so you can get crispy piece?

Today I upload Lunch menu pictures.

2pieces of shrimp


5 kinds of vegetable


rice, miso soup, pickles


tempura flitter


Lunch is about 2000JPY (about 20US dollers).
When we had Dinner here, the course (they have only course menu) costs about 7000JPY per person.
It’s very good deal since Proper Tempura restaurant usually costs about 15000JPY- per person.

I recommend you to make reservation in advance 🙂

阿部 Abe
中央区銀座4-3-7 B1
4-3-7 Ginza chuo Tokyo B1


12 thoughts on “My favorite Tempura restaurant – Abe 阿部

  1. Hi Mari — Why can tempura be so expensive? Is it simply because the high quality ingredients are expensive and it requires effort and attention to fry each piece perfectly? Or are there other reasons too? Thanks!

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