Japanese rice crackers store in Tokyo – Mochi kichi



Do you know Osenbei is very popular Japanese snack?
It’s rice cracker and you can find it at any shop in Japan.

What is Senbei

I usually don’t eat them so much because I love chocolate more than crackers, (actually I’m very obsessed with chocolate) but this store’s Osenbei are sooo good!
If you’ve never had good Osenbei, or you like it, please try this store’s one!

They offer many kinds of Osenbei (Japanese rice crackers), like soy sauce taste, salt, mayonnaise, hard texture, soft texture, baked, deep-fried etc…
All of them are so tasty, I think because they use very good rice to make them.

They have also crunch chocolate with rice crackers- this one is my favorite now, salty-sweet taste is always nice!

Please try it if you come to Tsukiji area, they’re good small gifts for your friends 🙂

Mochi Kichi もち吉 HP






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