Fugu, Blow fish season in Japan!

Since I go to Tsukiji fish market almost everyday, The seasonal seafood is very obvious for me now 🙂

I bought blowfish this morning to prepare sashimi for my family this weekend.


I guess some of you are afraid of poison, but you can get pre-poison removed blowfish in fishmarket.
You need special blowfish lisence to remove poison here in Japan, so the pro’ve already done the preparation!


The blowfish is very different shape compared to the other fish, so the fillet process is also different.

This weekend I’m going to fillet it into sashimi, for porridge, and blowfish Karaage! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Fugu, Blow fish season in Japan!

  1. Mari, when I was a child, my Italian family would fish for blowfish from the beach on Long Island Sound. Every other fishing family on the beach threw away the blowfish but we kept them, removed the poison skin, and cooked the blowfish. Delicious! We called it “chicken of the sea” because the blowfish is shaped like a chicken leg, and the texture is almost like meat. Wonderful that you are cooking this excellent fish!

    • It’s interesting that you call them as chicken of the sea! and I totally understand what you mean since the texture is not like fish at all! And I though only japanese eat blowfish, but I’ glad to hear that you also had it in Italy 🙂

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