Home made Tofu Recipe – How to make Japanese Tofu from scratch

It looks like I didn’t post my blog for lng time!

I’d been busy and also having high fever this week, and finally I can be in front of my PC today!


I guess many people’ve already known it, but today I introduce you how to make Tofu from scrach.
It’s super easy and quick than I thought, and tastes very nice ❤

1 cup of soy milk (not processed)
1 Tbs. Nigari (Magnecium chloride)

1. Heat up the soy milk ( don’t boil), stop the gas, wait until it became 75-80 degree C.


2. Add the Nigari in the pot. Slowly mix it.



3. Prepare thin clothes on a strainer then place all the soymilk there. Replace this clothes including tofu in the mole then place heavy thing on top for ten minutes.




4. Take it out cafully in cold water then that’s it!


This time I had it simply with soy sauce and bonito flakes..
I often buy Tofu from Tofu shop since many of pre-packed ones are “kind of Tofu”, and the taste is very different, but they costs about 3times of the super market ones.
Now I think I don’t need to buy from Tofu shop anymore, because it’s very simple and nature flavor!



5 thoughts on “Home made Tofu Recipe – How to make Japanese Tofu from scratch

  1. I had been attempting to post my homemade tofu recipe.. i already have it saved as draft but not finish writing the methods and picture attachments. Then, i saw this post of you… 😉 which reminds me of it. yes, tofu making is quite easy if you only give time.

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