Farmer’s market @ Omotesando UNU

I love to talk to the farmers, and buy the organic ingredients, so I often go to the Farmers market on weekend.. 🙂

Japan is a small country, so it’s difficult to grow the organic vegetables and also they’re very expensive even if you can find them in the organic supermarket..

If you live in Japan and look for the organic foods, it’s nice to go to the Farmers market which held in front of the UN building at Omotesando on weekend !

Many farmers or bakery come there and sell the organic ingredients/foods etc, I love it so much ❤





And there’re many food wagons as well.. one of my favorite thing there.. 🙂

This is one of my favorite wagon, they serve vegetable bowl, with soy meat Karaage etc.







There’re so many favorite stores/car food there, so I will keep posting about the recommendation sometimes :)!


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