Mochi-Kinchaku Recipe- How to make stuffed Tofu








It’s one of my favorite dish- Mochi-Kinchaku 🙂

If you’re Mochi lover, it’s the dish for you ❤ It’s good for your branch, Lunch, and your Dinner.

We use Abura-age (pre-fried Tofu) and stuff with Mochi inside.

Mochi absorb all the Dashi flavor, very yummy, hope you like the taste!Image


Ingredients(4 servings):
2 sheets of Abura-age (pre-fried Tofu)
(A) 1.5 Tablespoons of Sugar
(A) 1.5 Tablespoons of soy sauce
(A) 1.5 Tablespoons of Mirin
(A) 200cc of Dashi

4 piece of Dried Mochi (rice cake)…. Today I used brown rice Mochi, but you can use regular Mochi of course

40cm of Kanpyo


1. Spak the Kanpyo in the water. Cut the Abura-age in half. Boil the water and place the Abura-age for 1 minute. Drain the water. Open the Abura-age to make it into bag. Place Mochi in the bag then tie with Kanpyo strip.




2. Place all the (A) and Abura-age in a pan and cook for about 20 minutes. (with dropped-lid).


3. Place them on the serving plate with some boiled vegetable.



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