Pumpkin bread Recipe


I love pumpkins (especialy Hokkaido pumpkin) and use it for baking.
Today I introduce you how to make macrobiotic pumpkin cake 🙂
It’s not so much sweet (between cake and bread?) so you can add more sugar if you like.


200g pumpkin, cut into cube and steamed
1 piece of ginger, chopped
(A)100cc (half Japanese cup) whole wheat flour
(A)100cc cake flour
(A)1.5 Tbs. baking powder
(A)1 ts. cinnamon
(A)a pinch of salt

(B)50cc maple syrup
(B)50cc rape seed oil
(B)200cc soy milk
(B)80g beets sugar

1. Mix all the (A)s well. mix all the (B)s in the another bowl well.

2. Combine the two bowls well, Add chopped ginger and steamed pumpkin and mix with spatura. Then pour the dough in the pound cake mold.

3. Bake it in the oven with 180degree C for 40 mins.

☆you can also steam it in the steamer for 30mins-. You can enjoy different texture 🙂 It’s more moist texture..




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