Fuki-Miso Recipe – How to make flavored Miso with butterbur scape

I love spring vegetables so I’m so enjoying cooking especialy this season. I guess Fukinotou (butterbur scape) is not well known ingredients for you, but it’s on season now in Japan and has nice bitter flavor 🙂 It’s good to use for simple Tempura, or Fuki-Miso (flavored Miso with Fukinotou). Today I show you how to make Fuki-Miso! 20140425-102258.jpg Ingredients: 1 pack of Fukinotou 100g brown Miso 1-2 Tbs. white Miso 3 Tbs. Mirin 2 Tbs. sugar 1. Boil the Fukinotou for few minutes or until it’s cooked. 20140425-102307.jpg 2. Squeeze and drain the water well. Chop into very fine pieces. 3. Place all the ingredients in a pan and cook it for 5-10mins. to concentrate the paste. 20140425-102315.jpg I forgot to take pic after I finish cooking, but it looks like just regular Miso paste. You can make it only this season, so I normally freeze it after I make. You can use it as the filling of Onigiri, or as dressing for grilled meat/vegetables. I used this sauce for the onion last time 🙂 https://easyjapaneserecipessimplecookbook.wordpress.com/2014/04/22/miso-onion-recipe-how-to-make-shin-tamanegi-no-miso-yaki/ The sauce is salty as Miso pasteso you don’t need much for cooking.. please add small portions to add the spring flavor ❤


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