Nice Sushi restaurant at Tsukiji – 築地虎杖 魚河岸千両

I live very close to fish market, Tsukiji, because I can get the best quality ingredients here, but honestly I’ve never had Sushi here before.

I’m sure that all the Sushi restaurants are good, since they have good quality ingredients from the market, but I feel I can just buy the Good Sashimi and eat with home-made Sushi rice, or try other food (Japanes curry, Teishoku, or Italian) at the Tsukiji area as same as the people who works for the fishmarket eat.

But my friend told me that there’re one Sushi restaurant there, and they offer some unique Sushi, so I should try and I made it today.


It’s called as Kaisen (seafood) Hitsumabushi.
“Hitsumabushi ” is the way to eat the food but normally we only do this for eel in Nagoya.
What’s Hitsumabushi?

And I really enjoyed it!

We ordered seasonal Tempura


and the Kaisen Hitsumabushi for each of us.
Actually it’s a lot, but we easily finish them since it’s so yum!


First cup, we just eat them as regular scattered Sushi.


Second cup, we crush the sea urchen and mix all with the rice.


Third cup, we pour the Dashi(Japanese soup stoch) and eat them as Ocha-duke.
It’s super flavorful and so yum!


The name of the restaurant is 築地虎杖 魚河岸千両 , and it’s on the alley of outer fish market.




築地虎杖 魚河岸千両
4-10-14, Tsukiji, Chuo

After the satisfying Dinner, we keep craving for the food..
so we walked to Ginza, and had some sweets and coffee at Rose Bakery.


Oyasumi nasai 🙂



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