Shira-ae Recipe – How to make spinach salad with Tofu dressing


When I teach Japanese salad in my class, many people are surprised that the dressing is dry, and we don’t use oil normally.
I introduce Shira-ae (salad with Tofu dressing) today, It’s very healthy, but you can enjoy rick texture because of the Tofu for this salad šŸ™‚

1 pack of Tofu
(A) 1.5 Tbs. soy sauce
(A) 2 Tbs. sesame paste(or plain penuts paste)
(A) 1.5 Tes. sugar
1 pack of spinach
1 pack of Shimeji mushroom

1. Drain the water from Tofu (until it became half amount). Place Tofu and all the (A)s in the food processer then mix well.



2. Sautee Shimeji mushroom with 3Tbs. of water and a pinch of salt until there’s no liquid in a pan.



3. Boil the spinach in boiled water for about 20secs. then cool it down with cold water. Drain the water well and cut into 3-4cm pieces.



4. Mix all the ingredients well.


This Tofu dressing is very suit to many kinds of tegetable or fruits, so please use something seasonal at your local place šŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Shira-ae Recipe – How to make spinach salad with Tofu dressing

  1. Oh, I love this one, Mari. I’m going to try it tonight if I can find good tofu here in Shanghai. I miss your cooking classes here. We have been to a couple of different classes but nothing like the intimacy, warmth of your home and personality and the honest and basic ingredients that you provide. You are so wonderful!

    Best wishes, Elke

    From: Japanese recipes – easy and healthy Mari’s Japanese cookbook

    • hi Elke, Good to hear from you ā¤
      I'm so glad to hear that how much you enjoy the class here..
      I'm sorry to hear you couldn't find your favorite one, but I will keep uplading my favorite recipe here because now I know you try some from this blog! miss you and your family, enjoy your stay there!

  2. lovely! and I happen to have spinach and tofu in my fridge but hadn’t thought to combine them. Was precisely wondering what I would do with tofu yesterday night. Looks like my lunch is all set!:) Thanks for the recipe

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