Visited Bamboo shoot (Takenoko) village (Food)



This weekend, I visited Chiba prefecture, Otaki village which is located east of Tokyo.

It took about 3~4 hours to get there, so I wake up very early in the morning, but was very excited!

There’re some places are famous for Take-noko (Bamboo shoot), and this village ones are super tasty and no harshness.

(Usually you have to remove the harshness for 1~2 hours before you cook them).

So it means, you don’t need to do the preparation of the bamboo shoot, you can just cook them directly 🙂
I’ve never tasted that good bamboo shoot before.. it’s a little bit sweet, and crunchy, rich flavor !!

We can get the packed boiled bamboo shoot anytime in the super matket in Japan, but you won’t eat them once you know the fresh bamboo shoot. The flavor is so different (but the bamboo shoot season is only few months, in spring)



This time, I had a chance to ask the local people to teach me their specialities.

All of the foods are beyond my expectation, and I’ve even never met them before, and I was so excited again because I felt again that “Locals always know the best way to cook their local ingredients” and “There’re thousands of regions, and food culture in Japan which you don’t have any chance to meet in Tokyo”!!

If you’re the tourist, I really want you to go to the countryside or somewhere which has local culture 🙂



Bamboo shoot Sushi..



Bamboo shoot croquette and Bamboo shoot Kara-age



Pickled Bamboo shoot







Flour Sushi (It’s traditional local speciality of Chiba, and each family have the different shape of flour sometimes :))








Before I met them, we had a Lunch (wild boar who eat bamboo shoot in the Chiba mountain, it’s also their speciality) like this,




But 30 mins, later, I had all the foods with bamboo shoot (croquette, Sushi, pickles, Kata-age etc…) as our second Lunch.
I just love the food which is made with Love, by someone who cherish the ingredients, and these foods always satisfy me much more than fancy restaurants food (I love to eat out, but it’s just different!)

I hope I can keep posting about the Japanese local culture in my blog sometimes and there’re someone enjoy the entry.. 🙂



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