How to make umeshu – Home made Umeshu (plum wine) recipe

How to make umeshu – Home made Umeshu (plum wine) recipe



Hi there!

How are you doing?

I just came back from vacation in Nice, and it was beautiful place…


Of course we took a cooking class as well and it’s always fun to learn different things :)!

Before I left, It was just plum season in Japan.

(only once a year the season is)

So I bought plums and made Plum wine and Plum juice!

Although it’s called plum “wine”, this beverage is actually a cordial or a liqueur.

Here is the Home-made Plum wine recipe..


– 1kg Plum

-800g Rock sugar

-1.8L of Shochu


1. Wash the jar and lid well, pour the boiled water to sterilize it.

2. Wash and wipe the plums with kitchen paper. Take off the stem end with a toothpick.


3. Put a layer of plums in the jar, then a layer of rock sugar. (I made three layer)


4. Pour te Shochu into the jar, put the lid and leave it in a cool, dark place. You can shake the jar sometimes to help things along. After 4-5 months, remove the plums (they would come floating up to the surface). After about 1 year, The umeshu is ready to drink. You can drink it after 6-7 months but I suggest you to drink after 1 year to let it mature.


You can drink it as your favorite way ( straight, mix with something) and I like to place some ice cubes and mix with water.

It takes a time for a while but the tastes is absolutely nice.



8 thoughts on “How to make umeshu – Home made Umeshu (plum wine) recipe

  1. Hi , this looks great! I have a question though: what kind of plums do you use? do they have to be green (and I guess unripe?). What would be your recommendation to pick the plums (am not sure I can find exactly the same variety in France). Am thrilled, will try because just happened last week to have cooked a fusion dessert with umeshu. Translated the famous fragrance Mitsouko by Guerlain into a dessert.. May be you’ll want to check and tell me what you think?:)
    thanks for the recipe, cheers

  2. I loooove Ume-Shu, definitely going to try this one. Next week I’ll start working in Saitama for a couple of years…so I think your blog will become essential for me to survive there!

  3. I don’t like much alcohol (except champagne! I’m french) but I really love umeshu, especially when the taste is very sweet. Now I am in Japan, I will try to make it next year! Thanks!

  4. I love umeshuuuu I have the same question as the first person who posted. Since you’ve been to France do you think I can find some plums that would resemble the ones you use? I don’t think I can find nankobai in Paris.
    I would really love to make my own umeshu. I’ll follow your blog too.

    • Thank you for your comment!
      You can use other kinds of fruits as well, you can use grapefruits, lemon, strawbelly for example instead of plum 🙂 The flavor is different from plum one, but each of them are nice! I saw so many kinds of plums so you can use one of them maybe? It’s not the same, but similer!

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