Kagurazaka- Japanese sweets cafe

画像Today I want to introduce one of my favorite Japanese sweets stores, “Saryo” at Kagurazaka in Tokyo.

画像If you crave Japanese sweets and love an old-fashioned place, go to this tiny sweets store. Its focus on classic modern sweets—Green tea parfait, sweet pumpkin soup, black sugar pudding, Green tea ice cream with Mochi, and other sweet memories—make it a nostalgia fest, all displayed in this wooden house decorated with old Japanese furnishings.

画像画像They also have outside seats so I definitely recommend sitting outside if the weather is nice!


10 thoughts on “Kagurazaka- Japanese sweets cafe

  1. I had tried green ice tea ice-cream once (don’t remember where) and it was truly delicious. Fantastic blog. Love it. I have been trying to capture all the flavors that I experience and love in one of my blog post, which I keep updating whenever I come across something new. http://wp.me/pnx59-kU

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