Tsukiji Bon Marche – My Favorite Restaurant in Tsukiji, Tokyo

Today I want to introduce one of my favorite restaurant in Tsukiji (fish market) area.

Tsukiji fish market is the biggest fish market in the world and many tourists come here to see many kinds of seafood or enjoying Sushi- There’re a bunch of Sushi restaurants.

Sushi is very nice there since they use fresh ingredients of course, but I recommend you to have Italian-Japanese fusion restaurant in front of the market sometimes because you can get good Sushi everywhere in Japan :)!

Restaurant’s name is Bon Marche (ボンマルシェ) and they serve mainly Italian food like pasta, but use a lot of seafood including Sashimi pieces.



I and my husband went there for Lunch on the other day, and we ordered Lunch A (regular pasta) and B set (fresh pasta) .

They served us assorted appetizer, pasta, dessert, and tea/coffee/green tea.

It cost 1700-1800JPY per person. (about 10 EURO) There’re other menus as well, so you can order the other menu if you want to have Tuna steak or some more main dishes plus basic Lunch course!

Really really nice focaccia with black salt


Assorted appetizer (Sashimi with olive oil, some fresh vegetable etc)


Fresh pasta with tomato cream sauce


Pasta with Tuna tomato sauce


Petit dessert


Green tea with sweet


This restaurant is located in front of Rawson (convenience store) at Tsukiji outer market.

Address: 4-7-5, Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo 東京都中央区築地4-7-5    second floor (No Sunday)



18 thoughts on “Tsukiji Bon Marche – My Favorite Restaurant in Tsukiji, Tokyo

  1. Thanks for the recipe. I had some similar cold salad with chicken, cucumber and sesame sauce in Hong Kong and China, but did’nt relate it to shabu shabu.:) Yesterday night based on this inspiration I did one with poached veal, aragula and cucumber. Because I can’t live with herbs I also added some lime and cilantro.. (I posted it with the bittermelon soup iif you want to have a look :). Thanks for the inspiration, this was perfect with the heat wave now in Paris

  2. Hmm.. as a sushi loving Italian, I couldn’t be more tempted to this place… Too bad I read your post after I came back from Tokyo. Yet another reason to go back there soon. Very nice blog, BTW. It’s a pleasure to follow.

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