From East side of Hokkaido

We just came back from Hokkaido, my second home town and the northernmost island in Japan.

Hokkaido is huge, it takes about 1 month if you want to see each parts of Hokkaido, so we spent one week in the east side of Hokkaido (we call it as Doto)
And It was just beautiful.

This area, as called Bihoro 美幌, is very famous for potato, onion, beats, and wheat.

And of course the daily products as same as the other places in Hokkaido 🙂

We visited a daily farm,


and the wheat/onion/beats farms etc..


Japanese wheats tastes so nice, but usually I don’t see any Japanese wheat flour in the market (most of them are imported from US) because it’s super popular and nice bakery or nice restaurants buy them all, and there’re no left for us…
You can get beats sugar (it’s good for your health!) at any big market, and all of them came from Hokkaido 🙂



I love Hokkaido not because all my relatives are there, because the air and the water is so nice, you can smell green, and all the good foods are here.
If you live in Tokyo or main island and want to escape from the heat, it’s the nice place for you, there’re no humidity!


It’s the closest place to Russia, if you take a boat for one hour on this sea, ten you can arrive the RUssian island.. 🙂
In summer time, almost everyday you can watch the wheal.



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